About me

I am a street photographer based in Basel,

Switzerland. Growing up within my family`s mask making atelier, Larven Atelier Charivari in Basel, an early curiosity developed surrounding what lies beneath any facade.

Later, cinema would further fuel a passion for narrative and point of view. Picking up a camera and exploring my own city felt natural.

Self taught my work has been evolving into the use of colour and light as a vehicle for emotion and storytelling. 

For more on my process, please visit my Instagram.


Publication of my work in EYE-PHOTO MAGAZINE, VOLUME #04, 2020

Print magazine and online magazine

Features from magazines and and online photography hubs like Streets-StorytellingEYE-Photo Magazine, Street Photography Brazil, Sublime Street, DPSP, VanSPC, F22bestphotoUnposed Society HannoverDPSPStreet AvengersFoto Marlin Baselstreetizm, Timeless Streets

Super Sweet Street and most recently proudly featured with a 10 photo publication by Republic of Street.

Article on Become A Photographer, 11.2019

Street Photography Basel, Schweiz - Bastian Peter, Switzerland

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