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Bastian Peter is a street photographer living and working in Basel, Switzerland. Growing up an early curiosity developed surrounding what lies beneath any facade.

Storytelling in many forms, especially photography and cinema, would fuel a passion for narrative and point of view. With a growing interest and a evolving eye, it feels natural for Bastian to explore a yet hidden side of Basel, Schweiz.

Testing several different focal lenghts, Bastian is mostly drawn to 50mm. 

Self taught his work has been evolving into the use of colour and light as a vehicle for emotion and storytelling. 


Official selection 2021

Treviso Photographic Festival 2021 Basti

Official selection 2021


A few weeks ago, Bastian was invited to the create. photography. podcast to discuss photography influences and especially street photographhy. EPISODE 056: INTO THE NIGHT – A CONVERSATION WITH BASTIAN PETER was the very first recording/interview in english language for Bastian Peter. 

Recently published an article on street photography and Bastian Peters views on it combined with the introduction of the swissstreetcollective. The article called "Eine Basis für die Street Photography" was conducted by Tobi Kühn, owner of


In the spring 2021 he was featured and interviewed by magazine where he talked about his photography process, the creation of the swissstreetcollective, the corona situation and the fate of the Atelier Charivari in Basel as well as many more interesting subjects.

His photograph "Melancholia" of the series "Snowfall over Basel" was voted up at the SPC Awards in 2021, and exhibited in big format at the gallery Katapult.


A small series of photographs is currently being exhibited online at regarding the silent Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Basel in 2020.

Bastian was interviewed at on his photography, the creation of the swissstreetcollective and street photography in Switzerland in general.

In January 2021 he was interviewed on the subject of street photography in Switzerland and his personal approach at

His work has been printed and published in the EYE-PHOTO Magazine, Volume #04, 2020.


Selected online magazine and hub publications include Foto Marlin Basel, Timeless Streets, Unposed Society Hannover, Street Storytelling, Street Avengers, F22bestphoto, streetizm, Sublime Street, Street Photography Brazil, VanSPC (Vancouver), Sublime Street, Republic of Street and Street Finder.

Bastian Peter Co-founded the swissstreetcollective, the street photography collective and community of Switzerland which is dedicated to establish and promote swiss street photography as an accepted and appreciated art form:


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